• Context: Icelandic Tourism Today

    Over the past 10 years, Iceland has more than doubled the number of visitors that exceeded 650,000 last year. Current indications show this trend continuing at pace, with 10 – 30% year on year growth in each month of 2013. Download this presentation in PDF

  • Aspirations for Destination Iceland and target visitors

    Should Iceland aim for volume or value? Should it aim to maximise total economic impact or an effective distribution across regions? What kind of visitors should it seek to attract? Download this presentation in PDF

  • Building the destination

    There are several key elements to building up a tourist destination. That includes the promotion of the destination to target visitors and product development to engage them once they arrive in the country.Download this presentation in PDF

  • Funding the vision

    Tourism stakeholders agree that new revenues are needed to fund investments in the tourism sector. This chapter explores different mechanisms to reach that goal. Download this presentation in PDF

  • Organising for success

    This chapter focuses the attention to the organisation of the tourism industry, including governance structures, regulation, policy, and human resource management. Download this presentation in PDF

  • Economic impact

    Icelandic tourism can generate greater economic growth, spread more evenly across the country, contributing to the creation of high-quality jobs and supporting public finance through increased tax receipts.Download this presentation in PDF